Bret Baier Pushes Speaker Ryan To Bow To Conservative Demands And Threaten Government Shutdown


From the January 8 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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BRET BAIER (HOST): You have to concede that there is some push-back in the conservative side of your party, and they are concerned that you're not going to use the power of the purse, that by saying definitively that you're never going to shut down the government, that you take that element off. Nobody wants to shut down the government, but the President does the veto and they're saying "Are you going to stand up?" You didn't this past time, you hear that on out there, don't you?

PAUL RYAN: Yeah what -- the funding bill was passed on the spending levels when John Boehner was speaker, so this omnibus didn't change spending levels, it was just deciding the composition of spending. That bill was passed before. But without getting all into these gory details, here's the point I would say, Bret. We need to be smart on how we fight executive abuse. 


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