CNN National Security Analyst On Oregon Armed Protestors: "I Do View These Men As Domestic Terrorists"

Host Chris Cuomo Notes Criticism That "If This Was A Bunch Of Brown-Skinned People With Guns ... There Would Have Been A Very Different Response"


From the January 5 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Now, I know that they're in a remote area. I know that they're not threatening the general populous, they're not destroying buildings or looting or anything like that. But you know where I'm headed with this. There is criticism that if this was a bunch of brown-skinned people with guns that had taken over a piece of property, there would have been a very different response from authorities. Is that fair? 

JULIETTE KAYYEM: I think it's a fair criticism at least in terms of perception. I want to be clear here, even though I'm recommending patience, time, don't bring this to a conflict, I do view these men as domestic terrorists. They satisfy almost -- they satisfy the legal definition. They are using a force or the threat of force. They are depriving others of the benefit of a federal right, that is visiting the site, they are closing down school districts. So I think they are, you know, a threat, and yet, because they are isolated, because this is a rural area, and because there appears to be no imminent threat or bodily harm to civilians or children -- you know, compare this to Waco or other cases -- this patience is essentially what we need right now. 


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