On MSNBC, David Goodfriend Slams Media's Clinton Coverage

Goodfriend: "Don't Tell Me There's This Even-Handed Treatment Of Hillary Clinton -- Everybody In The Press Corps Seems To Love This Gotcha-Game"


From the September 13 edition of MSNBC's Up With Steve Kornacki:

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ARI MELBER: But some Clinton supporters are marshaling evidence suggesting there is a double standard when it comes to the political media's coverage of Hillary Clinton, especially the Washington press corps, which may bring its own historical and spousal baggage to what should be objective campaign coverage. In political circles the current test for Clinton bias is this email story, which depending on which reporters you rely on for coverage is either the most lopsided, conspiratorial scrutnity of a digital correspondence trail in the modern era or is a truly criminal scandal. Clinton backers are especially upset with The New York Times which they believe fixated on the email as a scandal far before any facts confirmed that type of lens. A close Clinton ally, David Brock, summed it up this week saying "As it concerns Clinton coverage, The New York Times will have a special place in hell." Now the Times erroneously reported in July that the feds had a criminal investigation into the former secretary of state's private email sever. The paper then had to revise parts of those reports, and the fact remains that Clinton is not a target of any criminal probe, although the FBI is reviewing these classification issues.


DAVID GOODFRIEND: I salute Nate Silver for pointing out, these are businesses, including MSNBC, The New York Times, you know. You want to sell advertising, and a boring story doesn't make for high ratings. Let's just put that out there, ok? The second thing is, I saw some very interesting news about a federal judge saying there's nothing wrong with what Hillary Clinton did with respect to deleting personal e-mails. Where is the big coverage of that? Oh, wouldn't you know it, that's just buried, deep, deep, deep. I had to research and Google and try to find it. Oh, here it is! So come on. Don't tell me there's this even-handed treatment of Hillary Clinton -- everybody in the press corps seems to love the gotcha game. But I'll tell you what. If I have learned anything from the Clintons, we've seen this movie before. You punch them and punch them and punch them and they come back up. And that's what the American people respect most. That strength. That ability to come back. It's not how you're doing when you're riding high. It's when you're against the ropes, how do you do? And I'll tell you something, my money is on the Clintons.


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