Fox Guest Dismantles Scott Walker's Proposal To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients

Fox Guest Dismantles Scott Walker's Proposal To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients

Marjorie Clifton: Drug Testing Is Expensive, Immoral, Impractical -- "How Do We Penalize Drug Addicts, When We Know That Taking Away Things Like Food Stamps Might Mean Their Children Are Kept From Getting Food?"


From the July 15 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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STUART VARNEY: The same week he launches a run for the White House, Republican Governor Scott Walker files a lawsuit against the federal government. He wants to make sure it doesn't stand in Wisconsin's way to drug test food stamp recipients.


You have a problem with drug testing food stamp recipients?

MARJORIE CLIFTON: Well, there's two issues with this. It's one -- the practicality. Actually in states like Florida and other states that have tried similar things, they've seen absolutely no return and no proof that there is any money to be made. In fact, the cost for welfare stayed the same. The question is, will the cost of drug testing someone outweigh the savings in maybe finding a couple of addicts in there. But then there's another piece of this, and this is the emotional, for me, as a Christian -- How do we penalize drug addicts when we know that taking away things like food stamps might mean their children are kept from getting food? And how do we say carte blanche, cast judgment on anyone whose got any kind of drug addiction. We know things like human trafficking, and a lot of things that happen in youth environments, foster children, and things like that, where drugs are given involuntarily. It is very hard for me to think that it's okay to say, carte blanche, anyone who is given a drug addict claim is withdrew food. We shouldn't have hungry people in the U.S.


Scott Walker Sues Feds Over Food Stamp Drug Testing


WI Newspapers Omit Facts in Coverage of Proposed Drug Tests For Public Assistance Recipients 

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