Fox Media Critic: "I Disagree With The Fox Decision" To Air ISIS Propaganda

Fox Media Critic: "I Disagree With The Fox Decision" To Air ISIS Propaganda


From the February 4 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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HOWARD KURTZ: Megyn, I see the arguments on both sides. I understand the case that we ought to show the pure evil that is ISIS, and I thought our colleague Bret Baier handled it judiciously by just showing a couple of still images. But I disagree with the Fox decision and here's why. ISIS -- I fear that many of the us in the media are helping ISIS spread its propaganda, using its fear tactics. And I felt the same way with the beheading video, still images of which became almost like wallpaper for every story about ISIS. And when that tactic became so familiar, these terrorists, these butchers, went to the even more sick and depraved and barbaric method of burning a man to death. And I just have a concern that we are helping spread the fear that ISIS so badly wants to spread. 


Fox Airs ISIS Execution After Previously Blasting Media Outlets For Airing "Terrorist Propaganda"

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