Fox's Jon Scott: Like George Zimmerman, I "Got Sick Of" Crime In My Neighborhood


From the June 25 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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JON SCOTT: But I wonder about this. I mean in some respects. I listen to those calls and the guy sounds -- George Zimmerman sounds very calm. He sounds, you know, pretty reasonable, yeah he throws in an f-bomb but he doesn't sound like a raving lunatic. 

DOUG BURNS:  That is a really good point which we didn't think of, which is even if they get these in they won't be as potent as the prosecutor thinks.

LIS WIEL: Exactly, So that then the defense can use it. 

DOUG BURNS: But Lis two other points. One, you're supposed to give pretrial notice. I was surprised. And two of course the judge can turn around under rule 403, not to be a professor and say the probative value is outweighed by prejudice. 

LIS WIEL: I don't think so in this case.  I agree with you though in the sense, that  the defense can use this as well. If they are not that bad the defense can use that.  

JON SCOTT: I lived in Miami during the cocaine, the crack cocaine years, and, you know, I moved out of a gated community to a nice neighborhood, but we had a lot of crime, and I got really sick, I mean I was in my house one night when two punks tried to steal my car off my front lawn. I had guys breaking into my house while I was home. It was pretty scary. I got sick of it. 


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