O'Reilly: "Grievance Against Whites" In "Some African-American Communities" May Affect Obama's Attitude Toward Americans


From the October 31 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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DENNIS MILLER (comedian and Fox News contributor): And I look at Barack Obama and I think, you know, I don't sense he likes half this country. And I think that's coming back to bite him in the tuchus. 

BILL O'REILLY (host): You mean the guns, religion crew, that that was an indicator? 

MILLER: Yeah, just all that disparagement. Joe the Plumber doesn't make [unintelligible], he doesn't have a pickup truck. There seems to be a real disassociation between him and the hoi polloi, is the classic term.

O'REILLY: Do you think it has anything to do with grievance? Because in some African-American communities, there is a grievance against whites who aren't sympathetic to their cause. And that may be driving a little bit of it.

So, there are some African-Americans who believe that the reason they're not prospering as a community, all right, is because society hasn't done enough, and the reason that society hasn't done enough is because of rich white guys.

MILLER: No, I don't think of it like that with Obama. I think of him as one of those intelligentsia swells who looks down on people that he thinks aren't up to speed intellectually with him. So I don't get a color thing off him.

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