Fox Anchor Suggests Contraceptive Coverage Is "Slippery Slope" To "The Way Things Are In China," Then Denies Doing So


From the March 2 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MARTHA MacCALLUM: Is there a slippery slope here, you know, in terms of government infringing on people's, you know, decisions to, you know, have children? You think about the way things are in China, and no one's suggesting that that's where we're headed here, but I give that as the most extreme example in terms of the suggestions that might be made for lowering the costs of health care overall. Open question.


MacCALLUM: And I go back to that issue of whether or not contraception in general is a personal responsibility or whether it's a general-welfare issue that all Americans need to pay into to cover for each other, and I just put that out there as, you know, something for people to think about and decide how they feel about it. Congressman and Dr. Tim Murphy, always good to see you, sir. Thank you very much.


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