FlashPoint guest connects record heat waves to the potential GOP impeachment of Biden: “God is giving us a sign in the weather of what he is doing”

As Christian nationalism gains influence in the Republican Party, right-wing Christian TV network the Victory Channel’s FlashPoint has emerged as a show where pro-Trump “prophets” warn of “spiritual war,” as well as a friendly platform for prominent GOP officials and candidates to spread political misinformation.

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Citation From the July 25, 2023, edition of Victory Channel's FlashPoint

GENE BAILEY (HOST): Pastor Hank, I'll your let you take first shot at that – Speaker McCarthy's rising to the level of impeachment.

HANK KUNNEMAN (GUEST): Well, I think the winds of justice are definitely blowing in the United States of America. And really the Flashpoint army and many in the United States who love God, fear God, and love this country are praying. And as a result, it's causing the hand of God to begin to come forward in his righteousness and in his justice. And it's only going to get more and more intense because this is what we've been praying for. And the scripture says in Psalm 91, it's very clear that with our eyes, we shall see, watch this, the reward of the wicked. And they do have a reward. They've been lying and lying and lying, and now it's catching up to them. We often talk about whistleblowers, Pastor Gene, but God is the one that is blowing the whistle, and it's going to get more and more intense. And we're going to see not only this brought to a place of justice, but watch this. We're going to start seeing justice served and these people are going to pay for what they've done. And I thank God for it because it's time. And we're going to see a lot of things being shaken out, a whole nother level.


BAILEY: So, Pastor Hank, in that word, you know, he talks about the heat, which we are definitely are suffering, you know, all across America, record temperatures. The heat and the justice, those two go together in this prophetic word.

KUNNEMAN: Yeah, well, first of all, it would be easy for people to say, well, hey, you know, this is the weather. It's summertime. Well, yeah, it is summer. But when God tells you ahead of time what it's going to specifically be and he lists out that it's going to be in the hundreds and it is in the hundreds, and those specific numbers that he listed coincide with certain redemptive promises in the book of Psalms.

And we need to pay attention because in many places they've never had these temperatures. They've made records with the very things that are there. But here's what God said. He said, with the temperatures, it's going to be a reflection of not only the temperatures rising upon the nation, which we're seeing with the sound of justice, the movie people are saying, hey, we are angry at what they're doing to the kids. But also watch this. God's anger is rising and it's coming with justice. Now, it isn't just weather and here's why. There is a connection between the prophetic and weather. And I'll just give a couple quick examples. First, Kings Chapter 17; Elijah said at my word, it won't rain. So there you have a connection. But also you have Ezekiel, in Ezekiel 37, he was commanded by God to prophesy, not about the winds, prophesy to the winds.

And so God is giving us a sign in the weather of what he is doing and here's what he's doing. The temperatures are rising in the natural because it's a sign of God's rising of his temperature against the injustice. And did you hear what he said? It'll be a sign that America is being saved. And so we need to rejoice and keep praying for the innocent who are being affected by these temperatures.

BAILEY: Right. Absolutely. And so we're going to keep doing that.