White Nationalists Love Trump’s RNC Speech: “Couldn't Have Said It Better,” “Couldn’t Be Happier”

White nationalists leaders are heavily praising Republican nominee Donald Trump’s “awesome” convention speech. The pro-white racists said they “couldn't have said it better” and “couldn’t be happier.” They also praised Trump for focusing on the “negative effects” of immigration and using “codewords” that appeal to whites. 

White Nationalists React To Trump’s Speech: “We Love You,” “Wow!”

White Nationalists Have Endorsed Trump And His Policies. The white nationalist movement has been celebrating the Republican convention and nominee Donald Trump. They’re attending his convention and other campaign events and have used Trump and the RNC to recruit followers, fundraise, and spread their message. The Trump campaign has had a series of troubling interactions with the white nationalist movement, including giving a white nationalist radio host press credentials, failing to condemn their support, and retweeting them. The Republican convention also repeatedly promoted white nationalist tweets on the arena ticker. [Media Matters, 7/21/16; Time, 7/22/16]

David Duke: “Couldn't Have Said It Better!” The Southern Poverty Law Center has called David Duke “the most recognizable figure of the American radical right, a neo-Nazi, longtime Klan leader and now international spokesman for Holocaust denial.” He responded to Trump’s speech by writing:

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Writer Hunter Wallace: “An Awesome Speech.” Hunter Wallace, whose real name is reportedly Brad Griffin, is an anti-Semitic writer who is also a board member for the white supremacist hate group Council of Conservative Citizens. He wrote that it “was an awesome speech” and “Who would have thought we would have gone from Mitt Romney in 2012 to this?”

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Wallace: “Trump Knocked It Out Of The Park Last Night” And Hasn’t Pivoted Away From His “Core Message.” Wallace wrote on his Occidental Dissent website:

I thought Trump knocked it out of the park last night. It would be an understatement to say that I was highly pleased with his acceptance speech.

As I have said for months now, my major concern heading into the general election was that Trump was going to cuck and pivot away from the core message he articulated in the primaries in order to reach swing voters. That hasn’t happened at all here. This speech was a full-throated embrace of National Populism which painted a stark picture of Trump’s vision of America and the problems facing the country.

There were a few minor things that I didn’t like about the speech, but there were no surprises here. This was the most nationalistic speech given by a presidential nominee in my lifetime. Don’t take my word for it. Watch Mitt Romney’s 2012 acceptance speech below. Then watch the speech Trump gave last night to get the full effect. [Occidental Dissent, 7/22/16]

White Nationalist Video Blogger Ramzpaul: “Wow! What A Speech!” The Southern Poverty Law Center has called video blogger Paul Ray Ramsey (aka Ramzpaul) a white nationalist who “has emerged as the hottest right-wing video blogger this side of former Klansman David Duke.” He responded:

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VDare To Trump: “We Love You Too.” The Southern Poverty Law Center describes VDare.com as “an anti-immigration hate website” with a white nationalist ideology. On its second day, the GOP convention displayed tweets from VDare on its ticker. VDare responded to Trump’s speech by tweeting, “When Trump says ‘I love you,’ he means it. We love you too.”

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VDare’s James Fulford: “The Amount Of Immigration Patriotism In Donald Trump’s Speech Is Amazing!” VDare writer James Fulford praised Trump’s speech in a post headlined, “The Amount Of Immigration Patriotism In Donald Trump’s Speech Is Amazing!” He wrote that Trump’s speech “is great, and he not only talks about illegal immigration, but the negative effects of legal immigration.” [VDare, 7/22/16]

Writer Kevin MacDonald: “I Couldn’t Be Happier.” Kevin MacDonald is the editor of the online publication The Occidental Observer. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes him as “the neo-Nazi movement's favorite academic” who has “published a trilogy that supposedly 'proves' that Jews are genetically driven to destroy Western societies.” MacDonald responded by tweeting that Trump pushed “implicit White ethnonationalism perhaps. After seeing  no way forward a year ago, I couldn't be happier” and that Trump didn’t back down: 

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Radio Host Lana Lokteff: Trump Mentioning Crime Is “Codeword For Mass NonEuro Immigration.” Lana Lokteff is a white nationalist radio host who co-hosts the program Red Ice Radio. She tweeted that Trump’s speech contained codewords for white nationalists, writing: “CRIME = codeword for mass nonEuro immigration,” “SAFETY = codeword for Nationalism,” “PC = codeword for antiWhite.” During Red Ice Radio, Lokteff said that Trump’s speech signaled “a return of European-led nationalism” and he was suggesting “white Americans” were being left behind in America.

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Radio Host Henrik Palmgren Immediately After Trump Speech: “We've Just Listened To The Donald … Maybe I Should Say Der Führer After This." Henrik Palmgren is a white nationalist radio host who co-hosts the anti-Semitic program Red Ice Radio. On his program, Palmgren wondered if he should call Trump “der Führer” now. [YouTube.com, 7/21/16]

Radix Journal: “Charles Lindbergh 2016!” Radix Journal is a white nationalist website founded by Richard Spencer. The site’s Twitter account responded to the speech by tweeting, “Charles Lindbergh 2016!,” “We've just witnessed the start of a new order in the American Right,”  and “Good night, hail victory!”

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