Univision Highlights Why Pope Francis' Climate Action Is Important For The Latino Community

Host Néstor Bravo: “We Need To Continue To Educate Our Community” On Climate Change

From an interview with League of Conservation Voters' Ernesto Vargas on the September 22 edition of Univision's Buenos Días D.C.:

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NÉSTOR BRAVO: Why is Pope Francis' visit so important for climate change and with what will be happening on Thursday? Tell me, what has been the impact of Pope Francis on climate change at the global level?

ERNESTO VARGAS: Well we have to remember that he just released his encyclical in which he speaks specifically of the moral action we have...that we have the responsibility to protect God's creation. Precisely, this is why one of the things that we expect he [will] speak about with the president and people of Congress is which actions we can take not only as a country, but as families and individuals to protect the environment. Global warming and pollution are very serious issues that the pope has taken as one [sic] of the most important topics in recent months.

BRAVO: Look, and something super nice will be happening on Thursday. Other than being under the climate change context, there's a musical context. Very important people like Moby and Sean Paul. There will be a rally at the National Mall with speakers like Dolores Huerta and others with very important messages. Tell us about the event and give us a little more information so that people like us, that support the environment can go support these words and intentions of Pope Francis.

VARGAS: Indeed, on Thursday at 7:30AM, a rally will be held to show the Hispanic community and the different communities of the United States who want to send a message of support to the pope. We want to make visible that not only the pope thinks global warming and pollution is serious. We also wish to show how people also take the initiative to support the action that the pope is doing and come by the event on Thursday. That's what it's about. Not only support the pope's message, but also [show] that other people learn that Latinos and others do worry about these issues. And we'll be having a great time.

BRAVO: There you have it. On Thursday, starting at [7:30]AM we will have this display of music and speeches with people with impact both politically and climatological here in the metro area. We'll have a great time. Thanks Ernesto. I wish to extend an invitation so you come back and continue to talk about it on Piensa Verde because regardless of Pope Francis' visit, we need to continue to educate our community.


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