After Jorge Ramos Makes Multiple Interview Requests, Trump Asks Him For Money

Trump Also Sent Ramos A Bumper Sticker

From the July 18 edition of Fusion's The Trump Show: 2016 Republican National Convention:

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ALICIA MENÉNDEZ (CO-HOST): Well you know, Jorge got some special --


MENÉNDEZ: Special mail today.

RAMOS: I did. As a matter of fact it was not exactly today but I got this, this letter, directly from Donald Trump and as you can see it says personal. And I don't know exactly how, but he got the address, my home address. As you remember, when I requested an interview with him, I gave him my cell phone number and he published it on the internet. Anyway, so, so I was wondering, maybe he's answering my request for an interview, and said it's gonna be great for the convention. Well, not exactly. He sent me a bumper sticker. And not only that, but he's asking for money.   

MENÉNDEZ: How much?

RAMOS: Well, I mean, could be $35, $50, or even up to $1000 or more for donations. So, so this is my message: I'm a registered independent. I'm not a Republican. So no, of course, I won't donate anything. However, Mr. Trump, you have my number, you have my address, and if you want to give us an interview, you know exactly where I am. 


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