Fox host says Jack Dorsey told him privately “that there's bias at Twitter”

Fox has pushed the claim that there's anti-conservative bias on Twitter. In fact, Twitter reportedly decided not to penalize white supremacists because it would sweep up elected Republicans.

​From the July 2 edition of Fox Business' America's Newsroom:​

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): ​I wanted to get your quick thoughts on something that was discussed with ​T​ucker Carlson last night​ and the president​ ​o​n big technology companies. We have heard the president time and time again say he believes that these ​technology ​companies are biased. And he even suggested that there might be some sort of wrongdoing or illegal activity. He didn't say whether or not he would push for​ a​ full​-​on investigation​,​ ​federal investigation of those companies​.​ ​Does he do that?

​CHARLES PAYNE (FOX BUSINESS HOST): I don't know that he's going to do that. He seems very reluctant​ to do it, you know, because again,​ we​'​re talking free-market principles. I had the pleasure of having ​a group ​dinner with ​J​ack Dorsey, and​ then a​ one-on-one lunch with him​ last year​. ​And ​he admits that there​'​s bias ​at​ Twitter. ​He's been forthright about that.​


​PAYNE: ​I think ultimately something​'​s going to happen because you have enough people on both sides of the aisle who see a problem there. ​And ​they​'​re so big​, they're ​so powerful, and then they do th​e​se little corporate virtue signaling things. ​Yeah, you know what, ​we​'​re going to make sure that nothing comes on about the census report​, you know​. ​So they take on -- they decide to police certain things that, ​I think, ironically underscores the fact tha​​t​ maybe​ there​'​s a political bias there​,​ ​s​ort of an ideological bias there. They can't help it​, it's their --​ ​l​isten, these are mostly San Francisco, ​S​ilicon ​V​alley kind of ​based ​companies​, and​ ​it'​s ​their ethos, and they cannot avoid interjecting their own ​ethos and beliefs​ into company policy​.

​SMITH: Twitter is a major tool for this president as well.

​PAYNE: It is.


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