CNN's “grown up” Erickson back to likening public figures to child molesters on Twitter

When CNN hired RedState honcho Erick Erickson earlier this year the cable network faced a wave of criticism for making him a contributor despite his long history of hateful commentary.

Among other things, Erickson once took to Twitter calling then-Supreme Court Justice David Souter a “goat fucking child molester.”

As controversy over his hiring mounted, Erickson made his way to CNN's Reliable Sources for an interview with Howard Kurtz. During the interview the right-wing blogger claimed that he had “grown up” since making that and other hateful and incendiary comments.

Of course he hasn't “grown up.” And today was no exception.

Erickson is back to likening public figures to child molesters on his Twitter account, this time targeting Florida Governor Charlie Crist:

So where do the two links take people following Erickson's Twitter ramblings?

Here is the image of Rubio's truck:

And here is the image of Crist's (according to Erickson):

How proud CNN must be with Erickson.

If this isn't “grown up” I don't know what is -- though I have a sneaking suspicion Erickson doesn't know either.