Tucker Carlson: “Is Tony Fauci right about the science? Do we have any particular reason to think he is?”

Tucker Carlson launches unhinged and incoherent attack on Dr. Fauci

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Citation From the May 12, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So just to be clear, Fauci was not simply talking about certain workers or even all workers staying at home for the foreseeable future. He implied that schools and colleges would be able to reopen only if there is a cure for this virus, or a vaccine. He said that prospect was a bridge too far. In other words, no school until the coronavirus has been cured -- stopped. The problem is, there's currently no approved vaccine for any of the several coronaviruses out there, we still don't have one for SARS. So that may never happen. Once again, it has never happened. Fauci's recommendation was headline news at almost every media outlet, instantly. 


Fauci says that children must stay home or countless people will die, that's the message. So I'm asking a very simple question: How does he know this exactly? Is Tony Fauci right about the science? Do we have any particular reason to think he is right? Well, right now there is an awful lot of evidence indicating that America should cautiously reopen.


Every sentence to Dr. Fauci must be prefaced with as much as I respect you." That's required by federal law. But Sen. Paul is onto something. A lot of wrong predictions have come out of Washington on the question of the coronavirus, and quite a few of them came directly from Dr. Fauci himself. We're not singling him out or attacking him -- we've certainly made a lot of wrong predictions on this show. But we're not in charge of the entire country, so it's worth walking through a few of them just for the sake of the aforementioned humility.