Tucker Carlson suggests coup memo author John Eastman should not cooperate with the January 6 committee

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Citation From the December 6, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

JOHN EASTMAN (CLAREMONT INSTITUTE SENIOR FELLOW): They’re just shredding the entire Constitution and then claiming that it’s us that don’t support the Constitution. It really is rather extraordinary. But you know, Tucker, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. This group that wants to advance a Soviet Communist-style agenda, we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re using Soviet Stalinist tactics to do it.

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Where is the White Army here? I mean, where are the people – obviously we can’t comply with this, you can’t allow -- the country does not belong to Bennie Thompson and Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney’s daughter, it belongs to Americans -- you cannot allow them to eliminate our civil liberties. But are congressional Republicans defending you? They’re about to win a big election in a year. Who is saying no, we’re not going along with this?


CARLSON: So, why comply? I mean, honestly, at this point, look, if it's totally fake -- this is just some Soviet show trial, which it is -- then why would the rest of us have any kind of obligation to play along with it? Honestly?

EASTMAN: Well, we shouldn't, but Congress has the power to issue criminal contempt. Normally those don't go anywhere, in such charades as this, but the Department of Justice is fully in line, and, you know, they've already brought one criminal indictment against one of the people that refused to comply. And the phone companies, I think, would prefer not to reply -- comply, but they will be held in criminal contempt if they don't. So, they have now forced me and my lawyers to work with some of these other people to file a court action to try and block these unbelievably expansive and unconstitutional subpoenas of our private records and communications.