Tucker Carlson spent just 17 seconds on Texas school shooting

Instead of covering a mass shooting, Tucker covered diapers, robots, and whined with the NRA's Dan Bongino about being called “deplorables”

Hours after a school shooting that left at least 10 high school students dead, Fox host Tucker Carlson almost completely ignored the massacre, spending a total of 17 seconds of his hour long primetime show on the shooting. Carlson instead filled the show with segments about robots, diapers and the royal wedding. While Tucker did host NRATV’s Dan Bongino for a discussion, they completely ignored the shooting, instead complaining that Trump supporters were called “deplorables” and speculating that Democrats support MS-13. Below is what Tucker Carlson covered instead of the Texas school shooting:

Speculating that Democrats added defense of MS-13 to the party platform

NRATV's Dan Bongino and Carlson completely ignored the shooting, instead attacked Democrats

DAN BONGINO: Think about what she said, “we’re not comfortable with anybody being called animals.” A little list for you of things the Democrats are comfortable with. They’re comfortable calling NRA members terrorists, Obama comparing Republicans to Iranian hardliners, tyrants, calling Americans deplorables who vote for Trump. I mean really?

The Pentagon has increased investments in robots

Trump administration's introduction of guidelines to restrict funding to clinics that provide abortion.

Whether parents should seek consent from their babies to change a diaper

The royal wedding