Tucker Carlson mocks the bipartisan support shown for Ukraine during State of the Union

Carlson: “Joe Biden delivered this country’s first ever State of Ukraine address last night”

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Citation From the March 2, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Joe Biden delivered this country's first ever State of Ukraine address last night. Biden spoke for a little more than an hour before a joint session of Congress. He talked far more about Ukraine, and with much greater passion than about any other topic.

If that sounds strange for an American president in a speech that's supposed to be about America, it didn't seem weird at all within the context of last night.


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy came with both a Ukrainian themed pocket square and a Ukrainian flag lapel pin. That’s about as Ukrainian as you can get, even the president of Ukraine doesn’t do that very often. What McCarthy conspicuously didn’t do was don an American flag pin. No, not at all and many others went without that too. Because within the context of last night, the American flag was literally irrelevant. Lots of our leaders feel that way all of a sudden. At this stage, the full force of America's federal government, the White House, the Congress, the many intelligence and defense and law enforcement agencies; all of it has been redirected to avenge the invasion of Ukraine.