Tucker Carlson labels Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Louis Farrahkan, and Milo “prominent conservatives”

From the May 6 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Silicon Valley is dramatically stepping up its efforts to silence viewpoints it disagrees with, anything right of center. It's not your imagination. It's happening right now before the 2020 election, for the purpose of influencing that election. Facebook just banned a number of prominent conservatives earlier this week, essentially wiping them off the Internet. The rest of us are supposed to think that's okay. The latest victim is the conservative Claremont Institute which wanted to buy Google ads in order to promote a gala, a university gala. Google declined to sell those ads to Claremont because Claremont had published an essay that violated Google's race and ethnicity policy. Read the essay for yourself, nothing racist about it, actually, not even close. Google now says that decision was a mistake and it will allow Claremont to purchase ads now that Claremont complained and has gone public including on this show. It's interesting, though, how those mistakes always go in exactly the same direction. 


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