Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris only wants “people of a certain color” to get coronavirus vaccine

Carlson: “It’s likely you never imagined Affirmative Action would be applied to life-saving medical treatment”

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Citation From the August 12, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So put together her two statements on this subject. Young people are stupid, and that's why we need more of them to vote. And it makes sense, in fact, when the entire electorate is as passive as Joe Biden has become, you can pretty much do what you want. You can wield total control. That's what Harris is arguing. 

Say what you will about that position, but it is not in any sense moderate. It's radical. And many of Harris' views are, whether you like them or not. Consider this tape in which she explains how the federal government should respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Again, whatever you think of Affirmative Action, it's likely you never imagined Affirmative Action would be applied to life-saving medical treatment. But Kamala Harris thinks it should be. 


So we make decisions about where the resources should go to keep people from dying on the basis of skin color. So only people of a certain color get the vaccine, for example. That's what she's arguing. Now, this is a lot of things. It's immoral. It's unconstitutional, obviously. But above all it is definitely not moderate.