Tucker Carlson: “I don't think anything has changed our society more for the worse” than feminism

Carlson: “What you are describing is a movement that is at war with nature”

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Citation From the December 5, 2019, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

 TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So why does no one ever ask that question if this liberation movement, which has been pretty transformative, I would say, of the country is worth doing in the first place? You would think we'd know that women are happier, are they happier?

SUZANNE VENKER: They are not happier and we had that study several years ago that came out and showed that women are decidedly less happy than men after of course this last 40 years of supposed so-called liberation. And that drumbeat, that constant drumbeat of feminism -- feminist lies which is what this article that I wrote was about is absolutely having an enormous impact on our culture and on women and specifically on their relationships with men and our ability to build happy families.

CARLSON: Well it's certainly noticeable. I don't think anything has changed our society more for the worst, but tell us specifically, as you do so capably in this piece, what some of the lies are.

VENKER: OK, so the four lies -- there’s actually more than four, to be honest with you, but those four that I named there were the ones that -- were the biggest ones that came to my mind which was number one, that women don't need men. And that is, of course, espoused left and right in all kinds of ways throughout the media. The second one is that men and women are the same or that gender is a social construct instead of biologically driven. The third one is that there is no such thing as a biological clock. So we are not allowed to even talk about that because God forbid women have babies and get derailed on their careers and we want them to be in the workforce, of course, full-time, all the time. And if you step out and have babies, that’s going to ruin the feminist agenda so we don't like to talk about that. And then the fourth one is that a career is more meaningful than marriage and children. So those are the four that I focused on in that article.

CARLSON: So what you are describing is a movement that is at war with nature, is at war with physical reality, with biology itself. What does that say? It sounds like a kind of delusion.