Tucker Carlson hosts QAnon adherent and Scientologist to fearmonger about asylum-seekers in England

Fox News host and white nationalist Tucker Carlson interviewed British Camelot Castle hotelier John Mappin on his show to fearmonger about asylum-seekers. Mappin is a QAnon adherent, Scientologist, and devout follower of former President Donald Trump. 

During the October 12 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Mappin discussed an alleged £1 million offer from the U.K. government to house migrants at his hotel for a year. (Per the U.K.’s Home Department, housing migrants in hotels is “unacceptable” and would only be used as a short-term solution.)

Mappin said the offer “would completely destroy the local community” and that he is “completely philosophically opposed” to the idea, and suggested that offering migrants housing would bring about “deliberate cultural destruction.” 

Carlson, who pushes anti-immigration and pro-white nationalist rhetoric, responded, “Yes, yes, that’s exactly right.”

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Citation From the October 12, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

Mappin is linked to the U.K. arm of Turning Point USA and has expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory. He previously wrote on Facebook that “Q IS 100% VALID” and has posted videos touting the conspiracy theory. 

In January 2020, he flew a “Q” flag on top of the Camelot Castle.

Carlson has repeatedly promoted and defended QAnon and regularly hosts QAnon-linked guests. 

Mappin is also a pro-Trump rapper.