Tucker Carlson hosts guest who attended white nationalist conference to attack NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny

Zadrozny is just really good at her job

During the October 21 edition of his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson hosted Darren Beattie to attack NBC News reporter Brandy Zadrozny for using basic reporting techniques. Beattie is a former Trump speechwriter best known for leaving the White House following a CNN report noting he had attended a white nationalist conference.

The basis of the entire segment was Zadrozny using public records in her reporting.

Zadrozny’s colleague Ben Collins added some important context to Beattie’s attack:

Numerous other actual journalists expressed sympathy for Zadrozny. (Quite a few more than we could ever list here, to be honest.)

Journalist Matt Binder noted some of the work Carlson was attacking:

Meanwhile, as often happens with targets of Carlson, trolls are already lashing out at Zadrozny on 4chan. (We are choosing not to link to the screenshots.)

Carlson additionally neglected to inform his audience that Beattie has retweeted accounts “defending the white nationalist Great Replacement conspiracy theory,” as previously documented by Political Research Associates’ Ben Lorber. Though surely certain parts of Carlson’s audience would find that white nationalist connection, like so much of Carlson’s content, to be a plus.

From the October 21 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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Citation From the October 21, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

As a final point of comparison, Carlson was significantly less outraged when his own head writer was exposed for making horribly bigoted comments for years on an internet forum.

If you want to blame anyone for this outrageous white nationalist smear campaign, blame the people who put this trash on the air every night.