Tucker Carlson: Democrats are intentionally trying to create armed conflict between police and gun owners

Carlson: “That’s what Bloomberg and others are pushing and we should be very worried about it”

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Citation From the December 11, 2019 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

TUCKER CARLSON [HOST]: It sounds to me that like the left is trying to pick a fight, like a real fight with rural Virginia. Why are they doing that? It seems like they are intentionally driving the state apart, they're looking for conflict.

KELLY MCCANN: Because it's a lightning rod issue. And it tail ends with handguns, there's a handgun bill also before the senate, and also a paramilitary, whatever that is, training thing before the military side, before the senate. So I don't understand what the premise of this all is other than to make it a lightning rod issue and maybe as a template for other states to follow. One thing that the sheriff is doing here obviously, is he's protecting his men. That sheriff that said he’s, probably flippantly, that he was going to deputize the whole county, what he doesn't want is to put his deputies in direct violent confrontation with otherwise law-abiding gun owners by sending them out there to try to take their weapons this is a very very important thing and I would compel everybody to take a look at these laws or these proposals before they go into effect. 

CARLSON: What you just said is the nightmare scenario and that's what Bloomberg and others are pushing and we should be very worried about it. I hope you'll come back as this story continues to build.