Tucker Carlson calls workplace anti-bias training “poison” and reverse racism

Carlson: “Imagine if they did this to any other group, I think all decent people would stand up and say, you can’t attack people for how they are born”

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Citation From the August 13, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The federal government's top nuclear weapons lab is a place called Sandia National Laboratories. You'd think it was a serious place, you'd hope it better be a serious place, they make nuclear weapons. But it turns out it's not a serious place, it's very much like Wesleyn, it's a woke factory. They recently sent their white male executives, and only executives fitting that description, to a three day reeducation camp to confront their privilege and deconstruct their white male culture. What is that exactly? Well, at taxpayer expense, we learned - this happened late last year - trainers said the men in present must "work hard to understand their privilege." They learned that the roots of toxic white culture are "rugged individualism and hard work." What the hell is this? What does that have to do with making nuclear weapons? 


CHRIS RUFO: Yeah, well, this was a mandatory program for white male executives where they were supposed to essentially break down their white male identity, confess their sins to diversity trainer, and at the end of the session they actually had to write letters of apology to women and people of color based on what they learned about their own privilege. And it's nothing more than a cult indoctrination session that's based on critical race theory, something that is spreading like wildfire through our public institutions. And it's, you know, almost more dangerous than the nuclear weapons themselves. 

CARLSON: I agree with that. No one says anything about it because everyone is intimidated but it doesn't take a complex thought experiment to imagine if they did this to any other group, I think all decent people would stand up and say, you can't attack people for how they are born, it's immoral. Why do we allow this kind of garbage to continue, this poison, at public expense? 

RUFO: You know, because this is really racism masquerading as antiracism. I think it's really as simple as that. And I think through this kind of complex cultural construct that plays on human frailties and emotions and guilt, we've allowed this to really perpetuate all of our institutions. And I'm afraid that at this time it is almost everywhere from the smallest local school district in Tennessee or Kansas to the highest levels of the federal government. This is something that under the radar has just spread like wildfire. And I think it's important to call it out and it must be stopped.