Tucker Carlson calls for a White House commission to examine why men are falling behind women in America

Carlson: “In this country, it’s not women who are moving backward. In fact, it’s men”

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Citation From the February 6, 2020 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

TUCKER CARLSON: It's bad. It is just bad. And if you watch those comments, you know America is basically like Saudi Arabia or Somalia or some other country Democrats would like us to have open borders with. But, in fact, none of that's true. We're still America. And in this country, it's not women who are moving backward. In fact, it's men. Conclusively from education, to the job market, to imprisonment, to basic life expectancy, men are falling further and further behind women. In the long run, that's not good news for anyone no matter how much you like Margaret Atwood. Mark Perry is an economics professor at the University of Michigan, Flint. He has taken a very close look at this question. He joins us tonight. Professor, thanks for coming on. 

MARK PERRY: Thanks, Tucker. 


CARLSON: And it shows in the job market women are now the majority of employees in this country. So what they're telling you is a flat out lie not supported by evidence in any way. My question is why aren't we reacting to this. Why isn't there a White House blue ribbon commission on how to fix this? Why isn't there is a national conversation? Why are we ignoring this? 

PERRY:  You know, it's really amazing that all of the attention is focused on maybe some of the challenges women are facing. Obama created a White House Council for Women and Girls. He wouldn't create one for men and boys. The girls get all of this help starting in 3rd grade with girls who code and all these after school camps and clubs that they get to try to force them into tech and into computer science. And yet men and boys have been falling behind for decades now and it just doesn't get the attention that it deserves. I think we really have to have more of a national conversation to really have a balance and looking at the struggles that men face and looking at some of the struggles that women still face.