Tucker Carlson calls transgender rights “an issue for rich people”

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Citation From the December 4, 2019, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

MEGHAN MURPHY (CONTRIBUTOR, SPECTATOR USA): You wouldn't even need to speak to voters to assume that there are probably more important issues on the table than how somebody feels about their so-called gender. I mean, we're talking about a tiny, tiny, tiny minority of the population who identifies as transgender. And I think that people are probably worried about, you know, things like keeping their jobs, having housing, having health care, etc., etc. It's a really strange thing to focus on. 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST) But it does seem like a boutique issue of particular concern to people from certain zip codes, income levels, education levels. I mean, it's -- it's kind of an issue for rich people, is it not? 

MURPHY: I consider it a totally academic issue.


MURPHY: So, you know, people who are in universities are privileged people in North America, people who -- you know, who exist in academia are, of course, going to be mostly middle and upper-class people. These are -- these are academic ideas. These are academic ideologies. This is about postmodernism. This whole concept of transgenderism and gender identity was really invented within academia -- 


MURPHY: -- I believe that. This idea that it's possible to change your sex through self-declaration, that your sex and that, you know, material reality really is dependent on your own personal view and your own personal experience. I mean, nobody in the general population really believes these ideas. Nobody in the general population, you know, globally thinks that it's possible to change sex. We all know even -- even the people who say that it is possible to change sex, I sort of am doubtful that they wholly believe that because I'm not really sure where the scientific evidence is that that's possible.