Tucker Carlson calls it “bewildering” that we are letting public health “experts” make decisions on coronavirus response

Carlson: “The experts failed yet the experts now have more power than ever before. It’s bewildering”

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Citation From the April 2, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): What would've happened for example if we would’ve adopted a more conventional response to this epidemic? What if we asked the elderly and the immunocompromised and anyone else facing statistically higher rates of risk to stay inside, cloistered away. And then at the same time allowed the rest of the population to use informed common sense and continue to work? What if we’d done that a month ago? Would the death rate today be much higher than it is now? Maybe, maybe not. We don't know. But it’s clearly a conversation we should’ve had before we locked the entire country down and put ten million people out of work. But we didn’t have that conversation. Instead we outsourced the decision to public health officials. And that's a strange irony of the moment we’re living through. One of the main lessons of this crisis is that the public health establishment failed us badly.


We’re being asked to trust these same people without hesitation and for the most part we are doing that. In other words, the experts failed yet the experts now have more power than ever before. It’s bewildering. In fact it’s reminiscent of 2008 when reckless behavior by the banks crippled the economy and crushed the middle class. But when it came time to fix it we put bankers in charge of the clean up.

Now, this is not an argument against expertise. It's not even a populist argument. Of course bankers understand finance, epidemiologists understand coronavirus far more than most people do. So turning to experts in crisis makes sense and we should, and hopefully we always will. But we can't allow experts to make the big decisions. That's not their job. This is a democracy. It is our job.