Tucker Carlson calls immigration “the most radical possible attack on the core premise of democracy”

Carlson: "Citizens get to run their own countries. Not foreigners”

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Citation From the June 7, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Within hours of the inauguration in January, Biden's White House opened America's borders to the world. Not simply to job seekers and gang members from Mexico and Central America, but to varieties of illegal migrants from all over the globe. From Africa and Asia, from the Middle East. 

Virtually anyone who could get to Mexico was and is admitted into the United States without a visa. In some cases, foreign nationals whose identities we cannot verify were flown to the interior of our country and permanently resettled without the permission of the people who already live there, Americans. 

How did migrants get from Congo to Lewiston, Maine, and why? Well, because Susan Rice and ideologues like her very much want to change Maine's demographics as well as the population mix in every other state in the union.

So, the administration is working to do that, by fiat, without a vote in Congress, without public consent of any kind. 

By definition, this is the most radical possible attack on the core premise of democracy, which is that citizens get to run their own countries. Not foreigners, citizens. 

The leaders of the Democratic Party, though, no longer believe in democracy as constituted, and they definitely don't plan to lose another election. 

So, as the rest of us go about our lives, they are importing huge numbers of new voters into the United States.