Tucker Carlson calls concern about white supremacist inspired violence “crazier than any conspiracy”

Carlson: “They are now demanding that you believe it, and if you don’t believe it they’re going to punish you”

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Citation From the September 30, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): What we've learned here is the Biden people are very serious about politics. They know what the public wants, even if they plan to ignore it if they are elected. And, of course, they're willing to say anything. That helps. That's another thing we learned last night. We learned that, quote, “white supremacy" is now the single greatest threat to our country. “How can that be," you ask? 

Well, it turns out that mobs of white supremacists just burned down Minneapolis and then Kenosha. They trashed Portland and Seattle, they shot cops in Louisville. They torched Wendy's. They cleaned out the Nike store. They destroyed public monuments in Atlanta and San Francisco. They defaced war memorials in Washington. They looted Macy's in midtown Chicago. Also in the city of Chicago, white supremacists murdered hundreds of African-Americans, and everywhere they went, these right-wing bigots spray-painted racist graffiti on buildings, and threatened sleeping citizens in their homes. The white supremacists did this. You saw it all on TV. Damn those Proud Boys.

It was bewildering to listen to all of this. It wasn't just factually untrue, no, it was insane. It was crazier than any conspiracy that Google has ever banned. Yet they are now demanding that you believe it, and if you don't believe it, they're going to punish you. 

So, why are they doing that? That's a good question. It's also an ominous sign. If they can make you accept a lie that ridiculous, what do they plan to do next?