Tucker Carlson and Ken Starr revive Vince Foster conspiracy theory

From the September 10 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): You said you were haunted by the Vince Foster case, his death in Washington during the early part of the Clinton's first term. Why?

KEN STARR: Because, as I describe in the book, we were trying to get to the bottom of, among other things, how Hillary Clinton's billing records at the Rose law firm mysteriously disappeared which was theft from the Rose law firm, and then mysteriously reappeared in the book room where Hillary was writing a book. Now how did that happen? How did records, in those preelectronic records day, wind their way, not just out of the Rose law firm offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, but to the private residence of the president and the first lady?

And my -- I was haunted by what did Vince Foster do as the deputy counsel to the president, he took his own life. We knew that he was depressed, we had very significant evidence that he was clinically depressed. Why was he clinically depressed? Complex question but that's why I was haunted. Why did this very successful, very bright lawyer take his own life within six months of the administration taking power. And, that haunts me to this day. 

CARLSON: Yes. Well you're not the only one for sure.


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