Tucker Carlson agrees with guest that George Soros is paying “to watch America burn”

Carlson: “Soros did pay for a lot of this and he’s definitely getting a return for his money. He usually does”

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Citation From the September 17, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Ryan Cleckner is a former Army Ranger sniper and he has some ideas for how we might get this under control in Minneapolis. Ryan, great to see you. Now, I should stipulate that most of these City Council members have been immune from the effect of their own policies, of course, because they have stuck taxpayers with the bill for private security. But for everyone else in Minneapolis wondering, "Why did the city go to hell?", what do you think happened in Minneapolis? Any ideas? 

RYAN CLECKNER (GUEST): Shocking, Tucker, that this could happen. I mean, defunding police empowers criminals. I honestly don't know what is worse: that they thought of the idea to defund the police or that they're surprised by the results. I can't keep up. I mean, this happening in blue states with blue governors and blue cities with blue mayors with blue DAs, many of whom, by the way, have had their campaigns funded by George Soros, another left-wing activist that just wants to watch America burn, they're getting what they paid for, uh, it is so laughable that they're shocked at this result and it's so sad that these are real people being affected by this. 

CARLSON: You're absolutely right, Soros did pay for a lot of this and he's definitely getting a return for his money. He usually does.