Roger Stone and Alex Jones praise Tucker Carlson's January 6 series; Jones says they had dinner with Carlson

Jones to Stone: “You know how much I love Tucker. I know you love him, too. We had dinner with him a while back recently, but man, he is just amazing.”

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Citation From the November 4, 2021, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ROGER STONE (GUEST): They put in place a police state. That's what January 6 is about. Tucker Carlson's amazing documentary on this, which, believe me, they want to ban everywhere. This is a must-see, folks.



ALEX JONES (HOST): I want to come back and briefly talk about Tucker Carlson documentaries. We were talking at, like 7:00 a.m. this morning about it. And I wanted to get you on to talk about that. So I'm glad you reminded me.


JONES: Roger Stone's with us a few more minutes because he is obviously heavily associated with January 6, the so-called insurrection. The corporate media has called for his arrest, my arrest. But Tucker Carlson's put out this amazing three-part series, The Plot Against The People, and I wanted to get Roger's take on that because he was pointing out right before we went to break, some stations just joined us, that this is a linchpin of the police state they've got for forced inoculation and more.


JONES: Here's a clip from the new documentary available there at Fox Nation. Here it is.


JONES: Absolutely amazing. Great job, Tucker. I mean, hasn't Tucker turned into like, the thoroughbred patriot? Like the greatest thing I've ever seen, Roger. You know how much I love Tucker. I know you love him, too. We had dinner with him a while back recently, but man, he is just amazing.

STONE: Well, he's a man of enormous courage. I mean, just enormous courage, but he's also a thinker. He's a fair-minded individual. He's the single most important conservative voice in America today, bar none. The single most.


JONES: Well I was there. [Ali Alexander] was crapping his britches. I mean, I was upset too, but he was really like, Oh my God, it's horrible, they said — I mean, he was having a heart attack that day, and I read all this stuff online. He's the mastermind, arrest him, you know, I mean, it's crazy how he's been defamed. Or how I've been defamed, or you.

STONE: As you know, minutes after the president spoke, the Secret Service contacted me in my hotel room and offered me an escort to the Capitol. Can you say set up? Can you say set up? Just as they tried to set up you and my friend Ali, they're trying to set up me. They wanted to depict us as the masterminds. No, Nancy Pelosi is the mastermind of the January 1 – I mean January 6.

JONES: And Roger, you saw this. I saw this. You think the Secret Service were in on it or did the higher-ups tell them that, and then they were set up too. Now, I don't think they're stupid. I think that the highest level, some of the Secret Service are bad and we were all on a list to be set up with the president.

STONE: I agree with – I agree completely with your analysis. Yesterday when I tried to do an interview with CBS. They'd be, well, what about January 6? I said, “What about it?” I wasn't there. I don't know anything about it. I never left my hotel grounds. It wasn't on the Ellipse. I didn't march with you guys. I wasn't at the cable – at the Capitol. Don't know a thing about it. And I know you don't either, other than you were exercising your First Amendment rights. Now they tell us, “Oh, there was a secret perimeter and you were in it.” Well, how would anybody know about this? The whole thing is a fraud.