QAnon show hosts say Tucker Carlson brought “a lot of great, great attention to our movement”

“There’s nobody that said ‘QAnon’ on his show more than Tucker Carlson”

A QAnon show host said Fox News prime-time star Tucker Carlson had “brought a lot of great, great attention” to the conspiracy theory.

Carlson has repeatedly mocked concerns about and downplayed the impact of QAnon from his perch at Fox News, calling it a “forbidden idea,” falsely suggesting QAnon supporters have not been tied to any violence, and saying, “We spent all day trying to locate the famous QAnon, which, in the end, we learned is not even a website. If it's out there, we could not find it.” Yet Carlson privately texted with someone who wrote that “the Q movement is sincerely dangerous” and Carlson responded that QAnon supporters are driven by “misdirected religious impulses.”

Jeffrey Pedersen and Shannon Townsend — known as the co-hosts “intheMatrixxx” and “ShadyGrooove” of the QAnon-supporting online show, MatrixxxGroove Show — appeared on another QAnon-supporting online program, The B2T Show. On the program, Pedersen said Carlson was “doing us a great service” and was “as brave as he can get on the platform that he’s on.” Townsend concurred, saying Carlson had “brought a lot of great, great attention to our movement” and that “there’s nobody that said ‘QAnon’ on his show more than Tucker Carlson.”

Other QAnon influencers have previously praised Carlson for “probably standing up the most for our movement than anyone in the MSM [mainstream media] right now.”

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Citation From the March 21, 2023, edition of The B2T Show

JEFFREY PEDERSEN (GUEST): You know, Tucker, Tucker is actually doing us a great service. Remember, Fox News is controlled. They do have a producer, an editor. They do have a board of directors, you know, with Paul Ryan on it. I think they slapped him down. But I think he’s as brave as he can get on the platform that he’s on. And, Shady? 

SHANNON TOWNSEND (GUEST): I mean, I would tend to agree with that. I feel like that maybe with some of this stuff recently, he’s pulled back. I feel like that — I was not a fan of Tucker a long time ago. I actually did not like him very much whenever he was younger. And I’m impressed with the way that he shoots it down the middle, at least that he portrays that he’s shooting it down the middle. He doesn’t put a lot of his stuff in there. 

But as far as like, you know, any of these people, guys, and this is part of what I think that we need to all understand. It’s really — at the core, it’s always about information, and it’s always about how information reacts or relates to you personally. And this — they’re making us want to be like on teams. They’ve compartmentalized you, you see? And effectively, they’re doing that to all of us, and it’s kind of like a mind control type thing. It’s — you know, what we really like for you to do is, is to not look at any content provider like, for instance, for [Sean] Hannity, for me personally, I am no fan of Hannity. I don’t like to watch Hannity. But whenever Hannity has a person on that I’m interested in listening to, I’m paying attention and listening to that person be on his show. 

And, so, I think Tucker has brought a lot of great, great attention to our movement in a reverse way. Like if — there’s nobody that said “QAnon” on his show more than Tucker Carlson over the last couple of years, since Donald Trump went away. And so this is — this is a little bit of — you know, my take on it is to look past the personalities a little bit, and look at whatever is being presented to you, and then see it like, “OK, well, this person just — Tucker just presented this to me and I could clearly think that or see that he thinks like this. And so I kind of don’t see it that way. I see it like this,” and be OK with that.