“I read Breitbart”: Tucker Carlson lashes out at Maxine Waters for calling Breitbart racist

Carlson: “I read Breitbart, I know most people who work over there, there's no Klansmen”

From the September 20 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Let's be totally honest here. If you have someone saying the cabinet of the United States government is controlled at by the Ku Klux Klan -- if I really thought that, I think I would quit my job and work full-time to overthrow that group.

MICHAEL STARR HOPKINS: Steve Bannon was in the White House and he said himself he was an ally of the “alt-right.”

CARLSON: Of the Klan? Like, what? I mean let's -- let's like, drop the pretense. That's insane, it's untrue, and it's inciting people to lunacy. You can't say that, it's just not true. She's a member of Congress, you're not allowed to talk like that.

HOPKINS: Where's the consistency? Where's the consistency? Donald Trump says ridiculous thing after ridiculous thing and yet you don't care whether it's true. Now, all of a sudden --

CARLSON: Actually, I do care whether it's true, and if Trump ever says that some group he doesn't like is controlled by the Klan, I will say, “You know what, slow down, man.”

HOPKINS: He said that Obama was the founder of ISIS, and that he was a Kenyan. Come on. I mean, I get -- I get where you're coming from --

CARLSON: That he was the founder of ISIS and a Kenyan -- both untrue.


HOPKINS: Maxine Waters' comment about the Ku Klux Klan and “alt-right” being in the White House, I think that's actually a legitimate conversation that we should be having, because Donald Trump has surrounded himself with people who, I think, Democrats should be scared of, I think Republicans should be scared of, people who have tendencies to not only cite Breitbart and “alt-right” literature but also echo some of the tones. I mean, I'm glad that --

CARLSON: Come on, now.


CARLSON: There's stuff you disagree with, but I read Breitbart, I know most people who work over there, there's no Klansmen. I mean, the Klan is like -- that's just way over the line, in my opinion.


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