Fox's Tucker Carlson Claims Paris Attacks Were “A Direct Result Of [France's] Immigration Policy”

Carlson: “The Obama Administration Is Importing The Threat. Isn't That The Lesson of France?”

From the November 19 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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SEBASTIAN GORKA: I grew up in the UK during the deadliest years of the IRA. Everybody was alert, all the time. If somebody put a bag down for a moment on a tube train, on the subway, on a bus, within 60 seconds a school kid, a grandmother would say, whose is that bag? And if nobody replied that bus would be stopped, it would be evacuated, and the police would be called. Do we have that mentality today in America? I'm not sure.


TUCKER CARLSON: No, we don't because we haven't had to. The question is do you want to live in a country like that? I don't think anybody does. The government, meanwhile, the Obama administration, is importing the threat. Isn't that the lesson of France? You have massive numbers of totally unassimilated people who hate the culture they live in and seek to destroy it. Why would you want to replicate that here? I'm not sure.

STEVE DOOCY: Well, because the administration and their surrogates, they say, look, we're safe. There's a big puddle of water between us and the bad guys, but how big is that exactly? There's a haunting story yesterday, and when you think of law enforcement experts you don't regularly think of Honduras as being the crack police squad and yet it was the country of Honduras that arrested five Syrians. Apparently they had flown in from Costa Rica, and they handed the authorities their passports, there they are right there. They are Greek passports, and they are stolen, and the reason they knew they were stolen, because the five guys traveling had actually pasted their pictures over the pictures of whoever they stole the passports from.


CARLSON: This matters. France happened as a direct result of their immigration policy. There's no lesson for us? I think there is.


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