On Fox News' Outnumbered, The Refugee Crisis Is “Melodrama” And “All Legal Immigration” Should “Absolutely” Be Stopped

From the November 20 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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JULIE ROGINSKY: Mike Pence, who calls himself a good Christian, six weeks before Christmas tells this family that's been through hell, who pose no threat, who have children that there's essentially no room at the inn. Chris Christie--

TUCKER CARLSON: Come on. That is appalling. 

ROGINSKY: No, it is not appalling Chris Christie, who calls himself a pro-life Catholic, has said that he would turn away toddler orphans. Are these people blowing themselves up?

ANDREA TANTAROS: Oh, here we go. 

CARLSON: That is such demagoguery.


ROGINSKY: Let me finish my thought. These people have absolutely no charity in their hearts. These people don't understand the specific case with Indianapolis. Mike Pence knows full well this family has absolutely nothing to offer this country but good stuff. They have no -- they're not a threat. Meanwhile he's being a demagogue--


MELISSA FRANCIS: I hear what you are saying. Andrea.

ANDREA TANTAROS: The melodrama that is pouring out of the left over the refugees, many of the people that are raising holy hell about the refugees and berating anyone who's against taking refugees now are the same people that were absolutely silent when Bashar al-Assad was gassing them. And now we hear these stories about a government who can't get a website right. If this government competent, if this government could do things effectively, maybe people would say okay. But we are bankrupt, we can't take care of women and orphans that are American citizens, and we have a problem with radicalized Muslims--


CARLSON: Nobody is preventing people of faith from sending money, from traveling to other countries, from helping these people and many do, many Christians do. The purpose of the U.S. government is very different, it's not a charitable organization. It's not an NGO. It has only one goal, and that's to protect the safety and the welfare and the prosperity of its own people. We have more people unemployed this country than any time in my lifetime and I'm 46. That's a big statement. And yet, we at the same time are moving in literally millions of people from around the world, not just the 10,000 Syrians, but there are many desperate people -- billions in this world.  But our obligation -- our government's obligation is to its own people. And it has failed them.

ROGINSKY: Do you want to stop all legal immigration? 

CARLSON: Absolutely. 


ROGINSKY: So people like Andrea's father? People like me, who came here legally?

CARLSON: I'm talking about -- not 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, or 20 -- I'm talking about 2015. You look into the faces of the tens of millions of unemployed in this country and say “I'm bringing in new people.” How does that help you? You have to answer that question, you're not even trying. 


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