Fox News: “Current Issues” With Trump “Nowhere Near As Serious As Past Events” Like The Civil War

From the May 11 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

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JAMES ROSEN: Some historical perspective is valuable here. During Watergate, the term “crisis” was thrown around as well, and there were people at that time who were old enough to remember when there were legless Civil War veterans still in the streets of Washington. 


ROSEN: So, every American generation for about 150 years has probably imagined that it is facing or braving truly unprecedented challenges that are truly scarier than ever before, and certainly that was true Civil War, it was true for the Great Depression, the generation that experienced World War II and the horrors of World War II, and then the atomic bomb, that was a very stark dividing line in human history when we could start obliterating cities from the sky like that, and then, since then, probably even in the Cuban Missile Crisis, for example, when we came this close to a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. Those were very anxious times. 

Today's times are certainly unprecedented, because Donald Trump is a singular unprecedented president, but if there's a reason to feel anxious, it probably has very little to do it Donald Trump or his actions or the Jim Comey firing or what have you. It's the automation and the pace of change in this country that we are soon to experience.


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