Chris Hayes to Tucker Carlson: “You have got to have the guts to call out Fox News or resign in protest” over Fox’s vaccine mandate

Hayes: “There is no other option”

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Citation From the October 6, 2021, edition of Fox News' All In with Chris Hayes 

CHRIS HAYES (HOST): The irony here, again, is that none of these people -- Clay Travis, Brian Kilmeade to Tucker Carlson, have shown that same bravery to call out their own network and their own employer. The Fox News vaccine requirement is stricter than the one proposed by President Joe Biden and described as tyranny and creeping communism. 

Fox is requiring unvaccinated employees to be tested every day. And inside the buildings, I mean, just look at this video of the opening of their new DC bureau. 

Everyone is wearing masks and are most likely also vaccinated or getting tested every day because that is what their company is mandating. 

Now, Tucker Carlson has been the most vocal anti-vaccination voice in American media. And unless he just does not actually believe any of the stuff he's saying -- and unless it's all a craven act for ratings while he himself is vaxed and people die needlessly by the thousands -- he might just be highlighting all those other people who showed actual courage, as he works up his own courage. You know, kind of through osmosis to walk out. 

Because if you truly believe you are suffering under the sado-masochistic heel of a tyrannical employer, even if they are paying you lots and lots of money, even if you don't want people to think you're a total fraud, then you have got to have the guts to call out Fox News or resign in protest. There is no other option. It's the only way forward. You can do it Tucker, I believe in you.