Brother of Kyiv mayor condemns Tucker Carlson: “You’re part of this invasion. Blood is on your hands”

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Citation From the March 28, 2022, edition of Newsmax's The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): Wladimir, you have about two-thirds of the support of the American people right now, but there is a small group -- and I'm not one of them -- but there's a small group that believe that what's happening in Ukraine is not the United States' problem.

There are some very popular television hosts, Tucker Carlson. I talked about a popular -- Candace Owens as well. Conservatives who would typically -- I don't know why they're not supporting you and Ukraine, but they're not. What do you say to those people?

WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO: If you passively observe what is going on, and we do share the same principles of freedom, and democratic principles like the United States, like the western world, so to speak -- if you're passively observing, you're part of this invasion. Blood is on your hands too.