Fox's Tammy Bruce says Trump shouldn't sit for interview with Mueller because it would be “an insult to the office of the presidency”

From the May 2 edition of Fox Business' Making Money with Charles Payne:

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CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): What do you make of the changes on President Trump's legal team, and what's the narrative in D.C. about whether or not he should actually go and allow himself to be interviewed by Mueller? 


TAMMY BRUCE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): The issue with Mueller is about getting answers to questions. It should not be, for the president, an interrogation. You can get answers to questions in written form. If you have someone sitting in front of you, it turns into an interrogation. That is an insult to the office of the presidency. It is certainly a risk, it may even be, when it comes to the questions that are answered, unconstitutional about what you ask the president and what you want him to then lay bare to people who are not in a position to hear these things. And we need to at least protect the office in that regard.


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