Fox's Shepard Smith: Michael Flynn's guilty plea proves it is “a lie” to call Mueller's investigation “fake news”

From the December 1 edition of Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting:

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SHEPARD SMITH (HOST): We know that four of the people within the president's realm have either been indicted or have pleaded guilty. We -- what we don't understand yet is the degree to which the president was involved, if at all. Is Flynn the answer to that, as their new star witness, at least for the day?

JOHN BUSSEY: We don't know, but he's getting almost a pass on a number of charges.

SMITH: It's an incredible deal.

BUSSEY: Yeah, he's getting a great deal.

SMITH: There was a long list.

BUSSEY: Long list of possibilities. And remember, the FBI is looking at collusion with Russia over the election, and possible subsequent obstruction of justice. We don't know yet which way this is headed.

SMITH: That this is a ruse, that this is fake news, is a lie.

BUSSEY: I think that Michael Flynn pleading guilty to this charge today explicitly gives an answer to that question, it's not fake news.


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