Fox's Catherine Herridge: Flynn's contact with Russians isn't as “sinister sounding, perhaps, as in the black and white of the court documents”

Herridge: “We were told that it wasn't like Kushner was saying to Flynn, 'You go out and just talk to the Russians,' it was a kind of divvying up of the phone calls”

From the December 1 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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CATHERINE HERRIDGE: We were able to get information that in the spring of this year, FBI Director James Comey testified in a closed door session that his agents had concluded that Flynn made some sort of bad decisions, or didn't remember things properly, seemed kind of confused about the timeline of events in December, but they didn't believe he had deliberately misled them.

That's significant because if you fast forward to today, about seven months later, the special counsel investigators under Robert Mueller have concluded something very different, that there was a deliberate effort by Flynn to mislead the FBI about Flynn's contacts with the Russian ambassador and Flynn agreed in court today. But what I would say about his appearance in court today is that he was very composed. He seemed to really reach inside himself and have that soldier's discipline, and that 33 years of service in the military allowed him to hold it together as he made that guilty plea, which is a felony.

The other interesting thing we're looking at tonight is that in the court records that were unsealed, there are references to what appear to be two members of the Trump transition team, a more junior person who received information from Flynn at Mar-A-Lago in December, about these conversations with the Russian ambassador. We believe that to be K.T. McFarland at this point, and then a more senior person who was directing Flynn to reach out to a number of countries including Russia, and we believe that to be Jared Kushner.

But I would give you this caveat -- we were told that it wasn't like Kushner was saying to Flynn, “You go out and just talk to the Russians,” it was a kind of divvying up of the phone calls. There were different teams for different countries, and they were all tasked with a certain amount of outreach at that time.

So, it's not quite as sort of sinister sounding, perhaps, as it is in the black and white of the court documents.


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