Fox's Brit Hume: Even if the Trump campaign did collude with Russia, “it’s not a crime”

Hume also joins pro-Trump media in discrediting special counsel Robert Mueller over the lawyers he’s hiring for investigation

From the June 25 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.’s Fox News Sunday:

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BRIT HUME (HOST): [Special counsel Robert Mueller has] hired several lawyers who have made contributions to the Democratic Party, and would appear, at least on the surface, to be Democrats and perhaps Democratic partisans.


HUME: It’s worth noting, I think, that this investigation has never been officially described as anything other than a counterintelligence investigation, which is to say that its purpose was to find out the extent of the Russians’ attempts to interfere in the election and influence the election. It was not therefore a criminal investigation, and has never been described as a criminal investigation. Do we all now believe it has now become a criminal investigation?

BOB WOODWARD: Well, we reported in The Washington Post that it is, and these investigations, as you well know, they mushroom, they grow—

HUME: They can.

WOODWARD: Well, they almost inevitably do.


JENNIFER GRIFFIN: We’ve heard about the grand jury in Alexandria that has been called. So they are looking into criminal--

HUME: But what crime? Can anybody identify the crime? Collusion, while it would be obviously alarming and highly inappropriate for the Trump campaign, of which there is no evidence by the way, of colluding with the Russians. It's not a crime. So are we talking about here the president's firing of Comey being and obstruction of justice? And they got a grand jury on that? Is that was this is about?


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