Fox contributor baselessly claims special counsel Robert Mueller is leaking to the press

From the June 16 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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HEATHER CHILDERS (CO-HOST): Yeah and Jared Kushner's lawyer spoke out and said this is basically just normal. In fact, he says it would be standard practice for the special counsel to examine financial records to look for anything related to Russia. So they're not concerned about it.

LISA BOOTHE: Well yeah, sure, the special counsel should be doing his job. [Robert] Mueller should be doing his job. His team should be doing his job. But I will also caution this, Heather. As someone who really wants for Americans to regain trust in our institutions, the special counsel is doing himself no favors by releasing leaks himself. Who knows who it was on his team that released the obstruction of justice aspect of this, but I don't think he does himself any favors to have credibility in the eyes of a lot of Americans. And I think the media has done themselves no favors as evidence by recent polling saying that the majority of Americans believe that there's now fake news because there's been so many stories that have been false. So I do think that -- I caution the special counsel to stop with these leaks, conduct the investigation, and to allow Americans to believe what he's doing is ethical and above board.


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