Conservatives are already rushing to Fox News to use Nunes memo as justification to end Mueller's investigation

From the February 2 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered Overtime:

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HARRIS FAULKNER (HOST): Tom, your reaction to the release of the GOP memo?

TOM FITTON: I think it's pretty devastating. I've listened to a lot of the commentary waiting to come on, and I don't think you can -- it’d be difficult to overstate the importance of the revelations in this memo. Not only in terms of the corruption during the Obama administration but the really devastating blow it strikes at the Mueller investigation. Look, when you have the Obama Justice Department take their best shot with a FISA court and their best shot is a Clinton campaign document to run the narrative that there was Russia collusion, requiring surveillance of a Trump campaign official or volunteer, and it turns out there was nothing else there but for that dossier paid for by Clinton and DNC funds, then that means there's no Mueller investigation without the dossier paid for by Clinton and DNC funds. 

So the whole thing is subject to,really I think, being called off now by the Justice Department, if they are brave enough, based on these disclosures today. And it really -- I am hearing a lot of talk about the innocent explanations about the information in this memo. If they were so innocent then why did the FBI and Justice Department steadfastly object and stonewall congressional requests, Judicial Watch requests for information about the dossier and how it was handled? We learned today that the FBI authorized a payment to the Clinton campaign vendor, Steele, and then when he was cut off allegedly the FBI still wanted his information and used a cutout, Bruce Ohr who used his wife to funnel information, obviously improperly to the FBI. And all the courts, not once, not twice, not three, but four times including by Rod Rosenstein, the memo alleges misled the court. We can't wait for the courts to act -- what is the Justice Department going to do to clean house? What is Wray going to do to clean house? When did Wray know about this and why isn't he taking steps to reform the FBI? I tell you, and Mr. Mueller, when did he know? The dossier that is the basis fundamentally for the Russia collusion narrative and the fundamental basis for his investigation, what did he know and when did he know it about the Clinton involvement in his investigation? 


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