CNN's David Gergen criticizes opposition research for being funded by opposition

Gergen dismisses facts, saying that even though parts of the Trump dossier have proven to be true, it “loses some of its credibility” because it was funded by Democrats

From the October 25 edition of CNN Newsroom with John Berman and Poppy Harlow:

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JOHN BERMAN (HOST): David Gergen, we should also note, the intelligence community, whatever and whoever funded this dossier, this Steele dossier, we now know it was people associated with the Clinton campaign and the DNC, the intelligence community has corroborated parts of it, some of it. So the Mueller investigation goes on no matter who funded this dossier. 

DAVID GERGEN: Well, it does. It's like a great big aircraft carrier, it just keeps moving through the water while all these little -- we have a lot of spats on the side. But, let me just say this, I do think that, yes, it is true that campaigns ordinarily, by standard practice, do a lot of opposition research. They sometimes pay for it. So there's nothing in a sense earthshaking about that. What I do think about this, though, that the finding that the Clinton campaign and the DNC have been paying for this has an unsavory quality about it, and it looks like the Democrats really were trying to frame Trump in some way and the dossier loses some of its credibility if you think it's been paid for by the Democrats. So, I think overall, this is one of those things that’s, from the Republican standpoint, from the Trump standpoint, this is a bit of gift that they have because they can really muddy the waters with it.


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