Trump's impeachment trial defense came from Hannity

Several arguments advanced by Trump’s defense team echo those previously pushed by Sean Hannity and his TV guests

As the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump approaches its conclusion, Trump’s legal defense team has deployed arguments that bear a striking resemblance to pro-Trump spin previously heard on one of the president’s favorite TV shows, Fox News’ Hannity.

Sean Hannity is a personal friend and adviser to Trump, as well as one of the president’s most sycophantic defenders in media. Additionally, the four newest members of Trump’s defense team have had over 360 Fox News appearances combined since last year. Some defense team members, such as attorneys Alan Dershowitz and Jay Sekulow, have also regularly appeared on Fox in the past; Dershowitz alone has made 41 appearances on Hannity in the past year. And Sekulow has guest-hosted Hannity’s radio show. Together, the entire Trump legal defense team has made at least 1,638 weekday cable news appearances since August 1, 2017, approximately 84% of which were on Fox News.

Sekulow has also previously represented Hannity.

It has become increasingly clear that Trump’s Senate impeachment trial defense -- heavily criticized by fact-checkers and legal experts, including an attorney who previously testified before the House in Trump’s defense -- comes from one of Fox News’ most propagandistic, pro-Trump programs.