On Fox News, Nixon son-in-law calls Watergate “completely partisan” by Democrats

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Citation On the November 18, 2019, edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): All right, that's a live look at a hazy Capitol Hill, where the second week of public impeachment hearings, set to start tomorrow. Our next guest knows all about it, the president trying to get through it. His father-in-law was Richard Nixon, and he works for the Trump campaign. But this time around, he predicts a completely different outcome. Ed Cox is national coordinator of the Trump Victory Fund, and son-in-law to former President Richard Nixon. He joins us live right now. Good morning to you.


DOOCY: So you say President Trump should just fight all he —

COX: Oh, he's going to fight right through it. He's a fighter. He told me that. He said President Nixon should have fought all the way through it. But it was a different time back then. Both — President Nixon had both houses against him. President Nixon had —

DOOCY: And it was bipartisan.

COX: It was biparti — well, not so much. The — really, and some of the Democratic congressmen, a little bit older now, who were there back then, said — it was completely partisan on the part of the Democrats back then. They drove it. They drove it because they wanted to depose a very powerful president who had just a great reelection in ‘72. The first Republican landslide since the 1920s. And they wanted to get back power, and that's what they did.