Fox News host asks: “Is Rudy Giuliani becoming a liability for the White House?”

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Citation From the October 11 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered Overtime

HARRIS FAULKNER (HOST): So, Jamil, let's just cut to the chase. Because as Americans watch this across country, they're wondering, does this touch the president? Is Rudy Giuliani becoming a liability for the White House?

JAMIL JAFFER (PROFESSOR, GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY): Well, I mean, It’s hard to know. I mean, the president has stood by Rudy Giuliani thus far, and Rudy's been out there quite a bit. He’s been on the media, he’s out there talking. He might testify, as [Fox News White House correspondent] John [Roberts] pointed out, before the Senate. It is hard to know how long the president will stick with him. It is becoming more and more, I think, challenging for the president, the more and more Rudy gets out there and is, you know, talking about these issues.

FAULKNER: Yeah, even though — I mean, he hasn't been indicted or connected in any way to these men's dealings, as he said to our John Roberts today. And nor has the White House.

JAFFER: That's right.

FAULKNER: But the pressure is the talk, and politics.

JAFFER: That's exactly right.